What is Window Condensation and How Can You Prevent It

Have you been experiencing excessive amount of condensation on your windows inside your home? This can be extremely irritating and it can also cause serious damage to the area around the windows, which could include potential need to replace the windows.

window condensation

The primary cause of excessive condensation on the inside of a window is when the warm air inside the house comes in contact with the colder surface of the window.

There are a number of ways that you as a homeowner or tenant that is experiencing problems with an excessive amount of condensation on the inside of the windows. For this article we put together a list of 7 easy ways to reduce or eliminate the build up of condensation on the inside of your windows.

7 Ways to Deal with Window Condensation

Below, we’ll go over 7 different ways you can reduce condensation and prevent it from returning.

Reduce the Moisture in the Air

A sure fire way to reduce or eliminate the condensation that is building up on your windows is lower the amount of moisture that is in the air circulating throughout your home. This will help dramatically help reduce the possible damage to use home from moisture.

Lower the Setting on Your Furnace Humidifier

Many to today’s gas furnace systems come with a built in humidifier. This is to help prevent the air from getting to dry in the home after it leaves the furnace and before it is recirculated in the home.

Increase the Usage of Bathroom and Kitchen Fans

It is quite common for the bathroom and kitchen to be sources of increased moisture. This is one of the main reasons why home builders include exhaust fans in these rooms to help remove excess moisture.

Improve the Air Circulation in the Home

Increased air circulation using a ceiling fan that is turning in the clockwise direction so that draws the warmer air from the ceiling and blows it downward. This increase in the air circulation should help to reduce the condensation on your windows.

Raise the Temperature of the Window

Since the condensation is created when the warm air inside the house touches the cold temperature of window the easiest way to reduce the condensation would be to make the surface of the windows warmer.

Use Storm Windows During Winter Months

By installing storm windows especially during the colder winter months will keep the air warmer in between the exterior window and the storm window which will help to prevent the build up of condensation.

If there is any condensation on the storm window then there is a leak in the weather stripping.

Buy a Dehumidifier

Another very effective way to reduce the condensation is control the amount of humidity in the air. By using a commercial electric dehumidifier you can easily remove the excess moisture that is in the air.

Most of today’s dehumidifiers are equipped with monitoring system that will shut it off when the level reaches a preset amount of humidity.

We hope that the information we included in this article is helpful and makes it easy for you use to control the condensation on your windows.